9 Top Paying Affiliate Programs 2020

top paying affiliate programs

In this post I’m going to be going through some of the top paying affiliate marketing programs that you can sign up for. If affiliate marketing is your bread and butter or if you want to start an affiliate marketing business you need to know which affiliate programs to join and what to promote.

The goal is to do what you enjoy and make money right, and by signing up to the right affiliate marketing programs, as a blogger, you can make money while you sleep by recommending products and services to your audience,

If you would like to know which affiliate programs will help you do that the best, then you’ve come to the right place.


Recurring Commissions:

With recurring commissions you don’t just receive the payment once, but repeatedly as long as your referral remains a paying customer to whatever program, platform or service you’ve referred them to.

recurring commissions

The great thing about being an affiliate for programs that pay monthly commissions is that you are able to generate consistent passive income.

And the most lucrative niche to do that in is the web hosting niche. Web hosting is one of (if not) the most popular affiliate marketing niches in the world.

Think about it like this, every new website requires a web hosting service, no matter what specific niche THEY want to go into with that website. Makes sense right, which is why joining web hosting affiliate programs is one of the best moves that you can make as an affiliate marketer, as hosting is needed consistently; therefore if you become an affiliate for web hosting services you can get paid consistently.


#1. Bluehost:

Bluehost is by far the top recommended WordPress hosting service available. Their prices are decent, the hosting service they offer is extremely flexible and they have a great customer service team. It’s easy to use and they have upgrade their user experience so beginners and people starting off can begin making their website.

With Bluehost being the most recommended host by WordPress, it comes with an element of trust. With over 30% of websites on the Internet using the WordPress platform (and many more sites being built by it), a HUGE majority of those sites will want the best hosting recommended by WordPress themselves.

The referral process is also FREE and very easy, simply sign up to their affiliate program, share your affiliate link via your website or platforms and receive recurring commissions for anybody who signs up for ANY of BlueHost’s packages.

bluehost affiliate program

However the only downside of promoting web hosting services is that you’re relying on an audience that is actively looking for web hosting.

Thankfully to even get started creating your own website you need a good hosting service so you’re already targeting a MASSIVE amount of people.

If you would like to use BlueHost to get started with web hosting, click here to get a 63% discount off your plan.


#2. Hostgator:

Hostgator is another leading hosting service provider. Like Bluehost this service also has a very lucrative affiliate program that you can leverage if you target the right audience.

hostgator affiliate

You can earn up $100 per referral, receive flexible commission structures and have access to customizable landing pages for it. They also have tiered commission structures, so the more referrals you have, the more commissions you earn.

When you sign up with them as an affiliate you get access to fantastic marketing tools such as email and article templates and banners.

Hostgator is also a very good web hosting service for starters and experienced online affiliate marketers. To get started with Hostgator and to get a 60% discount off your plan, click here.


#3. Wix:

Wix is an online website building platform with a staggering 100 million users. With an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly web builder, Wix is one of the most popular site builders on the web.

It also boasts an intuitive affiliate program and dashboard that is easy to navigate and use.


They pay their affiliates $100 per referral and enable affiliates to use features such as landing pages. They also offer different payment options for you to choose from.



#4. Shopify:

Shopify is an eCommerce Software that is mostly used by online retailers and bloggers. Most people within the eCommerce niche will have heard of it as it is one the leading eCommerce Software Platforms out there. This affiliate program is perfect for users whose audience is people aiming to sell physical products online or drop shipping.

shopify affiliate program

Shopify is the go-to place for all things eCommerce as it is the leading platform in this industry, so it’s definitely the best platform that you can refer your audience to, as no other one comes close, with 400,000 merchants and 200% commission on shared stores.

The earning potential from Shopify referrals are fantastic, with you earning the first 2 months of your referral’s subscription fee and 100% bounty on their enterprise plan, paying you $2,000.


#5. AWeber:

Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool in online marketing and can be a great way to convert your audience into paying subscribers.

AWeber allows you to design or create custom email templates and landing pages. They have over 100,000 users worldwide, so they must be doing something right! Their software allows you to create emails using simple drag and drop tools, pre-built automated email templates and auto-newsletters.

aweber advocates

Their affiliate program is called AWeber Advocates and they pay a recurring 30% per referral.


#6. ConvertKit:

Another leading email marketing platform that has a well-paying affiliate program is ConvertKit. This service enables anyone looking to delve into email marketing, the ability to reach your audience and is a very well known platform so therefore is one of the best affiliate programs to join if you’re after recurring commissions.

convertkit affiliate program

You can earn a 30% commission for every person who signs up, and get paid this amount every month for as long as they remain subscribed.

However, with a lot of affiliate programs including this one, you often have to wait 30 days to receive your commission, as they have a 30 day refund policy. But if your referrals remain subscribed to ConvertKit then there is no cut-off of revenue!


#7. Leadpages:

Another incredibly powerful online marketing tool is Leadpages. They offer the service that allows every individual who signs up with them, the ability to create professional, well-converting websites and landing pages using drag and drop software.

They offer fantastic payouts of 30% recurring commission whenever the referral spends on the platform. Leadpages also excel when it comes to doing the selling for you as they offer a fantastic service if your audience is after any landing-page software.

leadpages affiliate program

However, again with many of these digital products, it is heavily reliant on having an audience that is trying to give their website more of an online presence and professional look to it.


#8. ClickFunnels:

Another popular landing-page builder is ClickFunnels. They offer a 40% payout on sales. They also provide affiliates with a lot of useful features such as ads and courses that you can promote, with an easy-to-use dashboard for you links.

clickfunnels logo

The 40% commission equates to $38.80 every month, per referral.


#9. MaxBounty:

MaxBounty is another high-paying affiliate network. They are also a CPA (cost-per-action) network that provide affiliate marketers the chance to become affiliates for different companies and vendors.

maxbounty logo

Unlike a lot of other affiliate networks, MaxBounty pay weekly and offer unbelievable rewards for their top affiliate earner.



There are  a lot of factors to consider when choosing which affiliate programs to join such as, commission rates, earnings per click, and whether they pay one-time or recurring commissions.

But first and foremost make sure that you’re focusing on your niche so that no matter what program you join, you can produce the best content and promote the best products/services that you believe in.

The best way you can get started with creating your own niche website and converting blog is to start off with the right platform. This includes, hosting, a website builder and of course a website.

You can get access to all these tools in one platform for completely FREE at Wealthy Affiliate along a multitude of other useful features to help kick-start your online business!


Let me know what you think about these affiliate programs, have you used any of them, and what other affiliate programs can you benefit from?


2 thoughts on “9 Top Paying Affiliate Programs 2020”

  1. Wow! I never knew that such big commissions exist. In my niche, I can get only 10-15%. My niche is wristwatches. 

    But I am interested if there are some websites or tools to check which affiliate programs can pay most for my niche? Or maybe you can suggest strategy advice on how to find those programs?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks David.

      And in terms of a strategy I’d say try your best to drive as many sales in your niche as you can, for physical products like wristwatches, the commissions don’t tend to be as high as digital products, but if you can become the go-to site for your niche then you can easily make up for the slightly lower commission rates.

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