Is 12 Minute Affiliate Legit? – An Honest Review From a Past User

12 minute affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

12 minute affiliate

Founder: Devon Brown

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $47 – $97 per month OR $797 for lifetime membership

Rating: 5/10


12 Minute Affiliate is a Done-For-You affiliate marketing system that claims to make you money via affiliate marketing within 12 minutes with their system. They emphasise on their sales and landing page that setting up the system and making sales is as easy as ordering a pizza however, this is a slight exaggeration of how easy it is to start earning money with this system.

Recommended For: People who want to make money with a done-for-you affiliate marketing system

Today I am going to be going through and reviewing this ‘DFY’ (Done for you) affiliate marketing system called 12 Minute Affiliate.

Before joining ANY program, system or course it is vital that you check on its reliability and do your own research, so for that I already commend you on. This will help you to avoid scams and ensure that you are finding legitimate ways to make money online.

But here we will always recommend you one product over all, but that does not mean that we simply ignore the others out there.

As a quick disclaimer, I am not affiliated with 12 Minute Affiliate in any way, shape or form. All we are going to do today for you is reveal how the system works, what it involves (the good and the bad) and why we believe it is not the best affiliate marketing system out there.

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate, despite the name is a legitimate DFY affiliate marketing system that was created by successful Internet marketer Devon Brown

Their sales page explains how easy the system is to set up and start earning with the click of a few buttons, with a LOT of emphasis on the fact that it’s as easy as ordering a pizza!

The system works by promoting products from three different niches on ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus which is a well-known affiliate marketing marketplace containing mostly digital products such as courses, e-books and other non-digital products. The majority of the products on ClickBank are quite simple to promote, however the quality of the products tend not to be the best. However, some products from ClickBank are very good and useful.

About the Owner: Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown is an experienced, veteran online marketer. He also does coaching, courses and public speaking and lists himself as an entrepreneur. He has a massive following on social media and seems like a very upbeat likeable salesperson.

devon brown

Inside 12 Minute Affiliate

Once you sign up for 12 Minute Affiliate, creating your account is fairly simple and quick (as promised).

Next, you’ll be asked to sign up for the auto-responder that the system uses for their pre-written follow-up emails. You’ll have access to around 80 follow-up emails. The auto-responder that they use is AWeber which is an email marketing list that starts off at $19.99.

Again, as promised, setting up the autoresponder is fairly simple and all the time-consuming work of linking the dozens of emails to the different affiliate links is done for you. They set this up via a key that they give you to simply copy and paste, and just like that your auto-responder is set up.

12 minute affiliate steps

Access to Funnels

You will then be able to choose your funnels, which are the landing and sales pages that you’ll redirect your subscribers to once they sign up with their email.

You have a selection of designs for the opt-in pages and the sales pages.


With this system you can either buy traffic or earn traffic through free methods such as SEO (they provide useful document on different free traffic methods).

This is also quite simple, you can choose the type of traffic and how many visitors you want and they do the rest. However, this is optional as you can opt for getting free traffic, although this requires more time and knowledge.

Pricing Options

The standard membership costs $9.95 for a 14-day trial that allows you to use the basic features. Although $9.95 is not a lot to begin with, the fact that you still have to pay for a trial of the system is not ideal for any product. You can still cancel before the 14 day ‘trial period’ ends but if you do not like the system that’s still $9.95 gone to waste.

If you would like to continue using the system the price is $47-$97 monthly, depending on if you want to have access to 1 niche of 3 niches. The same goes for their lifetime access which is a one-time fee, ranging from $397-$797.

The Problem with 12 Minute Affiliate

DFY System

I have absolutely nothing against ‘Done For You’ systems; however it does take away the key aspect which is the learning experience of how to be a successful online business entrepreneur.

Although the concept of affiliate marketing is quite straight-forward, there still plenty of processes and techniques that will benefit you if you are able to learn them.

Relying too much on DFY systems will not enable you to truly understand the concept of affiliate marketing as you’ll always be too dependent on this plug-and-play system.

Repetitive Pages

One of the reasons that DFY systems can be quite ineffective is because; ALL of the affiliates that have also bought the 12 minute affiliate system will be using the same, identical pages (depending on what niche they have chosen), meaning that there will be no variation between your page and the thousands of others who have bought the same pages.

Therefore you are not able to stand out from the competition and brand yourself to get ahead of the others who are using the same pages.

This makes it extremely difficult to get goo, consistent and scale-able long-term results. In the affiliate marketing industry, branding you and your own sites and pages is the key to getting sales.

Relying on identical websites, may get you some results if you spend a HUGE amount on advertising (which is usually extremely difficult to do if you’re a beginner), but long term the result are not going to be as good because there are also tens of thousands of affiliates like yourself who are using the same system, pages, products and email swipes.

Meaning there are also even more people globally who you’re buying solo traffic from that have seen countless pages of the same thing over and over again.

If you’re not able to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other affiliates using the same system then your conversions will decrease, which of course, is NOT what you want when you’re paying hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars on traffic.

Uninspiring Sales Pages

Another issue with this type of system is that the sales pages that you have access to use are often very static and you are not able to edit them. A lot of the pages are quite boring, generic and not the most appealing landing pages if you’re looking to entice potential buyers.

Repetitive Email Swipes

The pre-written email swipes that the give you are very sales-orientated, making them look quite sleazy. They offer little actual value or ways of providing the subscriber with an actual solution to an actual problem.

What is good about 12 Minute Affiliate?

Despite these issues, 12 Minute Affiliate is still a legitimate system as opposed to a COMPLETE scam that uses certain methods to exploit buyers.

They use legitimate methods for affiliate marketing that in most cases DO work and get results for other successful affiliate marketers.


In summary, 12 Minute Affiliate is a legitimate program, founded and supported by an experienced Internet Marketer who does share some useful information and has set up a decent system, but not an ideal one for beginners looking to really how to succeed online long-term.

The reality is, with the ease of use of the system, setting it all up will be expensive; there is not much content, information or training on how the system actually works and little to no wiggle-room on the customisation of your page. This can make it quite difficult for beginners.

The pricing of the system and the different upsell do not justify the lack of useful content, misleading claims or the lack of training of how to really build a successful online business.

There are a lot of fantastic Affiliate Marketing systems and programs out there for individuals of ALL levels.

But it is important to do your research on them first so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. For all its flaws 12 Minute Affiliate is NOT a scam and is a legitimate system that CAN make you money in some cases.

If you would like to go ahead with it or find out more about it then good luck to you and I wish you all the success with it.


I hope you found this review post  useful and if you would like to know My TOP recommended Affiliate Marketing Platform, how I built this website and the tools I used then take a look here.

4 thoughts on “Is 12 Minute Affiliate Legit? – An Honest Review From a Past User”

  1. Thank you for the honest review. It’s good to know that 12 minute affiliate is not a scam. I am quite dissapointed with the cons. This system is very rigid with minimum options. Considering the problems of this system I would say it quite pricey. I also checked on your next article: My Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing Patforms, and I have to say every newbie should read this post!

  2.  The ONLY way 12 Minute Affiliate helps you to get traffic is by
     paying for “visitors”. This method is called solo ads where they will
     email an existing “email list” with the link to your landing page (which
      was made for you).
     There is no training on how you can get free traffic, in fact, there’s no training on how to create your own website. thank  you for creating this review.

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