Best Free Keyword Research Tool for Affiliate Marketing – Jaaxy Review

In your journey to creating an online business, especially an affiliate marketing business, one aspect that you NEED to be familiar with is keyword research. Having a good keyword research tool is vital to your blogging success and an excellent way to grow your traffic.

In this post I am going to reveal what I personally believe is the best free keyword research tool that can help you achieve online success.


What are Keywords?

The power of keywords, especially if you are aiming to get ranked on Google is immense. Keywords are simply the words, terms and phrases that people type in to their Google search.

You’ll notice that when you even begin to type something in, Google will be trying to predict what you’re trying to type in based on all other popular global searches.

For online businesses, imagine the revenue opportunities you’ll have if you knew all the popular searches that your target audience were making.

With keyword research tools, you’re able to plan and structure your content to match EXACTLY what searches are popular and what your target audience’s problem is.

That is why keyword research is an extremely effective method of getting lots of free traffic from Google.


What is a Keyword Research Tool?

This is where a Jaaxy comes in to it.

jaaxy searches

With Jaaxy, the main feature is, of course, its keyword search tool (as shown above). Above is a screenshot of a search that I did for “how to make money online.”

From my search criteria, Jaaxy produces a number of relevant keywords with useful information that I need when targeting my own ones. The search results show six columns of information:

  1. Avg: Number of average searches per month that keyword receives
  2. Traffic: Visits to your website if you achieve first page ranking
  3. QSR: Quoted Search Results. These are the number of competing websites ranked for this exact keyword
  4. KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is great, Yellow is Okay and Red is poor.
  5. SEO: The score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you’ll rank for the keyword
  6. Domain Availability
Alphabet Soup Tab

After the keyword tab on the Jaaxy search engine, you have the ‘Alphabet Soup’ tab. All this shows you is the different variations your typed keyword has.

This works alphabetically, so for example if you type in your keyword followed the letter “a” it will show relevant keyword variations starting with the letter “a”, that same goes for “b” and so on.

Search History and Search Analysis Tabs

Jaaxy also offers a very detailed and useful search analysis tool as well. With the Search History tab you are able to find your original search after going through multiple different searches.

The Search Analysis function enables you to analyse your top competitors for the same keyword that you’re researching. Meaning that you are able to basically work out EXACTLY how you can also be successfully ranked based on what your competitors are doing (back links, word count, content etc.).

Site Rank

This function basically allows you to monitor how well your posts and pages rank in Google. Simply enter your website URL and keyword and the position of your page and site will be shown. This also shows you how well your page is moving up and down the rankings, with you being able to track them automatically daily, bi-weekly and weekly!

Affiliate Programs Tab

The feature allows you to find different affiliate programs that are related to your researched keyword.

With affiliate marketing, choosing the right affiliate programs to join are essential. Jaaxy enables you to do that too! All you do is type in the keyword that you are looking for and simply select the program from the four options.





What Jaaxy can offer YOU?

Jaaxy offers a selection of different plans that you can choose from to suit your needs and budget.

They offer 3 levels of membership

  1. Starter (FREE):
    1. Limit of 30 searches but it can get you a feel of what you need to be looking for and researching
    2. You are also able to save 2 keyword lists
    3. You get 30 Site Rank scans
    4. 5 Alphabet Soup search results per letter
  2. PRO ($19-a-month/$199-a-year):
    1. Unlimited searches
  3. Enterprise ($49-a-month/$499-a-year):
    1. Unlimited searches, faster search results, more multi-task functions while searching

jaaxy pricing


Integration with Wealthy Affiliate – Create Your Free Starter Account with Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy is a fully integrated system with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the amazing training community that got me started in affiliate marketing and is my number 1 recommended affiliate marketing training course!

I am currently a member of this training community and I highly recommend trying it out for yourself by creating your free starter account.

Signing up and becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate will give you access Jaaxy Lite where you can:

  • Get unlimited keyword searches with 20 results per search
  • Save up to 25 keyword lists
  • 100 Site Rank scans
  • 10 results per letter with Alphabet Soup search




These are the reasons why I believe that Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for SEO! What other keyword research tools do you use?

Feel free to leave any questions/comments below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them 😊

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  1. I must confess I have not been paying much respect to research. From your explanation it seems like this tool JAXXY would save me a lot of trouble and guessing using my limited knowledge. I am learning to find and collect my keywords and to include them in my blogs. Your article does set it out very clearly. Thank you

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