About Me

My name is Nile, and welcome to NJEDigitalSuccess.com

My Background

Hi all, and welcome to my site. I’m just a 22 year old university graduate looking to inspire and empower people to reach their goals online.

I’m not going to lie to you about my journey and say how I was just a school/college drop-out who then built his own online empire entirely from scratch! I’m just going to share with you my own personal journey with affiliate marketing so far and the tools that I think will help YOU.

I was born and raised in Manchester in the UK and maybe like you, was always prompted to get to the next phase of school, then university, the get a stable job with a stable income.



The Starting Point

However, then my dad gave me a book to read. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

It is an extremely popular book and basically teaches you the mindset of the rich and achieving passive income, not getting stuck in the traditional work-to-live mind-set.

I was intrigued, and from that point on-wards I knew that I never wanted to live out my life as an employee, selling my time for a salary month-by-month.

But HOW? I’ve always expressed an interest in property development (and I still do), but that was more my dad’s financial awakening, I wanted to find my own way, a one that I would TRULY enjoy and that I was passionate about.

First Affiliate Marketing Experience

About half-way through my final year I came across this YouTube Ad of a relatively young guy sat at home talking about how he was able to quit his job and start working for anywhere in the world as long as he has a laptop and an Internet connection.

The video was full of compilation videos of his crazy travels and of course, as a young man who didn’t really know how to get that point I was intrigued and started  off joining that program.

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However it turned out that after the initial cost, the up-sells would cost me up to £20,000 which I could DEFINITELY not afford anytime soon.

purse, wallet, money

However after finding out that it was possible to make a full-time income online I was determined to find a legitimate and affordable way to do so.


Not long after I found a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate 😊

The best part of this course for a broke uni student at the time is that it was FREE, so I got signed up as soon as and started my journey.

I began to follow the step-by-step training courses  to build the website you see in front of you today!

They an extremely helpful and supportive community, and I found this out straight away, and that REALLY kept me motivated.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped me build my website and online business, and has helped me learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how it works.

My goal now, is to help others achieve online success and turn their passion into profits!


If the idea of becoming your own boss, turning your passion into consistent, passive, full time income interests you, then I’d like to personally invite you to join me in the training community that has helped thousands of people build successful online businesses!